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Blackstone Green Energy has developed a patent-pending method for producing and distributing green hydrogen. Our method is based on well-established principles of zinc hydrolysis. The production and distribution processes are the subject of two patent-pending applications for production and distribution with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

As shown in the diagram at right:
  [1] The process begins at the Blackstone zinc deposit in southwest Idaho. Raw ore is ground to -200 mesh and then fumed at the property. When water is injected into the fumes, the reaction creates hydrogen and zinc oxide as a byproduct. Second-stage firing of the residual calcine produces commercially valuable matte bullion of the property’s other minerals: copper, silver, lead, and gold.
  [2] After hydrolysis is complete, the zinc oxide is shipped from the Blackstone property to a solar-powered central plant for dissociation to zinc powder.
  [3] After dissociation, the zinc powder is shipped to individual hydrogen dispensaries equipped with Blackstone-method hydrolysis reactors. The reactors convert zinc powder into green hydrogen and zinc oxide.
  [4] Zinc oxide is shipped back to the central dissociation plant for reconversion to zinc powder and the process begins anew. A single charge of zinc powder can be reused multiple times.

The Blackstone Method

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Diagram showing the four steps of the Blackstone Method of green hydrogen production through CleanTech

Electrolysis: Not necessarily green

diagram showing simple electrolysis (water splitting)

Pick up an article on green hydrogen and you’ll probably see the term “electrolysis.” Electrolysis uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen inside a unit called an electrolyzer. Electrolyzers range in size from small home units to large centralized equipment.

Unfortunately, electrolytic hydrogen production is neither efficient nor necessarily green. Electrolysis requires massive amounts of electricity (as much as 4½ times more energy than the hydrogen produced). If the electricity is not produced from renewable resources, the environmental costs outweigh the benefits. The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that today’s power grid is not suitable for electrolysis because of the low efficiency of the electricity-generating process and the greenhouse gases it produces.

Diagram showing Blackstone Method of green hydrogen production and distribution

In contrast, hydrolysis uses concentrated solar energy to produce hydrogen directly from water without going through the inefficient and expensive step of electrolysis. The Blackstone Method uses hydrolysis to convert raw zinc ore into zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is shipped to a central plant for dissociation into zinc powder. Zinc powder is then shipped to local hydrogen dispensaries equipped with zinc hydrolysis reactors which convert the zinc powder into hydrogen and zinc oxide. The zinc oxide is then returned to the dissociation facility for reprocessing into zinc powder and the cycle begins anew. Each step is powered by solar energy, creating a closed-circuit, emission-free production cycle.

Blackstone advantages

  • Eliminates the need for grid-generated electricity to produce hydrogen
  • More efficient and less expensive than other hydrogen production methods (≤ $1.00 (USD)/kg)
  • 100% clean and green
  • Operates entirely closed-circuit
  • Burns no fossil fuels
  • Releases no toxic emissions
  • Hydrogen can be produced at point of distribution
  • Tube trucks not required for transporting hydrogen to dispensaries
  • Cost of dispensary construction less than 25% of current baseline
  • Reduces size of dispensary footprint
  • Hydrogen-compatible ore comes from our wholly owned and federally patented 100-acre zinc deposit
  • Yields commercially valuable matte bullion byproduct of copper, lead, silver, and gold

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